Construction News - Summer 2020

WIBCO Construction is actively working on a handful of projects including an extensive interior and exterior home renovation in Lakeridge Park. The work includes an English style themed pub in the lower level of the home and the modernization of the exterior including resurfacing of two decks, exterior stone, wood soffit and repainting of the existing stucco. This project is currently on schedule and on budget and is expected to be completed by the end of August 2020.

WIBCO also just started a renovation for a WFN member, which includes the selective demolition of an alcove tile shower and the installation of a framed glass shower unit. WIBCO was proud to provide the customer with cost saving options to work within the owner’s budget. The project is expected to be completed by the first week of September 2020. The posting for prospective applicants is anticipated in the next coming weeks.

The company recently completed several projects including the Ellison community hall re-roofing project and minor tenant improvements for the Westbank Salvation Army. WIBCO was awarded a substantial change order from the RDCO (Regional district of Central Okanagan) for a re-roofing project at the Joe Rich community hall. The project is currently underway, and completion is anticipated for the end of September 2020. WIBCO Construction Ltd continues their involvement in the pre-planning stage of the Fortis sponsored renew program that will be held by WFN & OTDC. The program will provide participants construction related safety training, in class instruction and practical on-site training. The program is expected to start late September 2020. members for their continued support and well look forward to the next update. Enjoy the remainder of the Summer and stay safe!

Overall, the summer has been active, and we are anticipating a busy fall season! If you have any projects big or small, please contact Paul Courtoreille at the office 250-768-5617.

Lakeridge exterior renovation
Lakeridge interior renovation